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I’m still mad that Cassie Lang is dead.

Madame Masque. Mostly bc I want her in the MCU so bad!

aaaah yes I’ll try this

ok I think I’ll do a marvel fancast next but whoooo??


Anthony Mackie behind the scenes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

betsy is a diff matter entirely, she’s english but her body was swapped with Kwannon who was Japanese. She wouldve returned to her old body except it was made impossible once Kwannon died in Betsy’s original body.

oooh that’s interesting I don’t know much about her so thank you for that

Anonymous said:
Misty Knight and Monica have both called Hill a white girl though and writers say she's a white woman.

I was only wondering because idk I thought she might be and there’s sometimes where she’s kinda drawn that way?? but this could be just like how people seem to draw Betsy Braddock as Asian kind of except she’s been stated to be English (i think? correct me if not)